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Advanced Backup Manager

With the Advanced Backup Manager you create professional backups of your important files and drives. The program offers a variety of options and different types of uses. Scheduled, manual or fully automatic backups on all commonly used devices are no problem for the program.


With HotkeyPro, you create speed dial buttons, which allow you to automate different workflows and actions. At the push of a button you can start programs, open folders or documents of any kind, insert ready-made texts, simulate keystrokes and process scripts with which the range of functions can be expanded many times over..


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  • Advanced Backup Manager

    • Backup of Hard disks, drives, files and folders
    • Synchronizing directories, cloning drives and hard drives
    • Encryption of your data with AES 128 Bit, 192 Bit Or 256 Bit
    • Windows-based recovery device (Recovery disk)
    • Support for BIOS and UEFI, UNC-Paths with 32727 characters, Hard drives over 2TB.
    • Compression algorithms: ZIP(Deflate), LZMA und SpeedyLZ
    • Also, back up of currently used files by shadow copies
  • HotkeyPro

    • Executable different actions via hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts)
    • Launch programs, open folders and documents
    • Paste is defined texts
    • Processing of Visual Basic scripts and CMD scripts
    • Simulation of any number of keyboard shortcuts and keystrokes
    • Sign-in to browsers and other programs with user name and password
    • Abbreviations: The program converts ys to yours sincerely .
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